Wright Equipment Autonomous Stander ZK

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The Mower

  • 40HP Vanguard Engine
  • Hydro-Gear Smartec Drive-By-Wire 12cc
  • 15.5 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • Centimeter-level accurate RTK GPS
  • Commercial-grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Depth-sensing object detection cameras
  • Rock-solid wireless emergency stop
  • Remote control mode
  • Live Greenzie support: Call for support while in the field for real-time fixes.
The Software

  • Mow the boundary once, and the mower fills in the rest
  • Remembers maps and can repeat them when you come back. Just place it in the previous boundary.
  • Create no-go zones that will be saved with your map to avoid hitting hard-to-see obstacles like drain covers or small pipes sticking out of the ground.
  • Record and repeat: Record yourself mowing the entire property, and the mower will replicate your movement.
  • Manage the mower with the controller or a smart device in real-time.
  • Advanced fleet support: See how your fleet is performing. Replay entire jobs, not just a dot on the map.
  • Run multiple units at once.
  • Set the stripe angle (for those stunning cross-hatch patterns)
  • Seamless automatic updates

We have worked with Greenzie to build this mower with your productivity in mind. If you are an owner-operator or run a large fleet, the Autonomous ZK has the capacity to help build your business. Built on a ZK body, this mower allows us to combine new levels of productivity with time-tested commercial performance and reliability to power your success. While this mower brings autonomous mowing to your crew, it is a fully functioning Stander ZK that can be operated manually at any time. There is no need to have another mower on the trailer for the jobs that can’t be done autonomously.

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